The Corona Virus, it is all over the news but is it diverting our attention from other events? Where did all the news on the climate change crisis go? What happened to Australia? Have the fires stopped? What about the worries about WW3? There are even conspiracy theories on whether the coronavirus was created by the government to divert our focus on our health... I mean we are all very self-centred.


If anything, the coronavirus is worsening our population's intelligence, so much that it has amounted to people believing that drinking the beer “Corona” will lead to them contracting the virus. It is almost laughable, how skeptical our societies have become to a point where people refuse to eat the all-time classic Chinese take-out.


In more extreme cases racism has increased and targeted those of Chinese descent which is only creating a set back from race equality. To put it bluntly, the British public refused to help a Chinese man suffering a heart attack due to concerns about contracting the coronavirus. People need to understand that the Chinese are not the cause but rather poor hygiene (and eating bats…). Doctors advise to simply wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet and before eating. This may seem obvious, but statistics prove that only 50% of men make the effort to wash their hands after using a toilet whilst only 30% of women do the same.


It is also important to note that, people who are known to have weak immune systems such as the elderly will more likely contract the virus, therefore, those who fear this virus the most (teenagers and adults) should not dramatize this situation as it has sparked myths and rumours to spread.


By Claudia Perez Garcia – St Philomena’s School