“Homework has no value. Some students get it done for them; some don’t do it at all. Students should be relaxing in their free time.” 

Teachers across the world brazenly set homework during every torturous school day. Often, I wonder, why don’t they just teach their subject in the adequate hour allocated to them? Isn’t this ample time enough? Apparently not, is what the show my homework app says as it dings in response, notifying me of the bitter arrival of another aimless assignment. When will students finally be freed from the lengthy burden of homework. 

Firstly, homework doesn’t greatly contribute to learning and has little to no worth. All sane students leave homework to the night before the ultimate due date, if they decide to do it at all.  Schools usually like to entertain the idea that they allow freedom for these poor pupils to enjoy extracurricular activities like creating forms of art, sporting events, and charitable acts but these hopeless lies are quite distinct from the ugly truth. Furthermore, they pride in such empty words of encouragement because they know that they won’t let you live in peace with the overloaded assignments piling on top of each other. Overworking a student till they crumple under the pressure is the bane of teacher’s existence globally. It’s like therapy to them, as they take satisfaction in shattering students' souls. They know that their pointless papers don’t effectively consolidate anyone’s knowledge. You can’t seriously think that repeatedly carrying out mundane tasks is forcing somehow information into your brain? Homework has no value nowadays. 

In addition, it is a myth that all students do homework. Very few people like to devote their time to boredom, might as well sign your own death certificate. Generally, teachers have unreasonably high, unattainable expectations. For example, each teacher expects me to allocate all my days to solely their subject. This idea is unquestionably ludicrous. They seem to forget that we take more than one subject. In lessons teachers take the liberty to chide you for not having done pages of 17 different essays, 14 practice papers, and 20 pages of independent research. Sometimes it’s hard to decide whose beliefs are most unrealistic: parents or teachers? Not only do they set infinite homework, but they also have the audacity to expect more. The fundamental principle set by schools' states students should dedicate all time to focus on studies. 

Overall, teachers' attitudes need to change. For once, children should be allowed to enjoy their Saturdays and Sundays. It is cruel to rob them of their time. Anyways, they spend 5 unfortunate hours a week in school. Would it be fair to deprive them of any remaining freedom? The time has come to abolish homework, an assignment which drains students of their passion for more information, and make them interested again by nurturing curiosity in classrooms.