Origins of Pancake Day by Emma Hourihan, Royal Russell school




As Pancake Day has recently taken place this past Tuesday (25 February 2020),  it begs the question; does anyone actually know what it is or how it originated?



Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) marks the day immediately preceding the first day of Lent. Lent is a time when some people give up certain foods or luxuries for their religion or just as a way to cut back. Lent is a 40 day fasting period excluding Sundays[MOU1] , giving people time to reflect and grow as individuals. Lent does not include Sundays as it is a “Holy Day” therefore people are allowed to break their Lent rules once a week. Some people prefer to enjoy learning about religious aspects of the tradition such as why it is always exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday[MOU2]  than to use it as an excuse to sort out their diet.


Shrove Tuesday has traditionally been given the name “Pancake Day” as many households use up rich foods like milk, sugar and eggs before giving them up for Lent. Using these ingredients up means that they are not as easily accessible to indulge in and less likely to tempt people.


Many restaurants have their own unique way of celebrating Pancake Day, through competitions and all-day pancake brunches, but you do not necessarily have to go out to experience the fun of this annual tradition. Many people stay home to make their own crepes and spend time with their families. 


Whatever you got up to this Pancake Day, I hope you had fun and enjoyed your pancakes!


By Emma Hourihan