A Captain encounters a stranger on his ship, determining her a threat to his voyage, that is, until she reveals a tale of turmoil, angst and horror. Peril awaits them, the lives of humanity at the hands of The Creature…


From Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th February Rose Theatre, Kingston proudly presented a Rose Original Production: The Creature [Frankenstein Retold]. Combining Mary Shelley’s chilling story of Frankenstein and his creation of the monster with a dark, contemporary twist this production has no doubt left audiences astounded. A member of the audience Kayley Tulk said “I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of The Creature, especially the different dynamic in which the play was performed with the use of a more modern twist of the Creature wanting to destroy mankind.” 


Written by Ciaran McConville, this re-telling of Shelley’s timeless novel ‘Frankenstein’ follows a complex, ambitious Creator (played by Eleanor Clark) who arrives at a Captain’s (Francis Redfern) arctic vessel. Our Creator attempts to warn the Captain of The Creature (Anna Pryce) thus a story emerges, telling of the tale that led both Creature and Creator to the vessel. Making effective use of the novel’s ‘story within a story’ structure, this adapted version included transitions between past and present moments. Not only does this set it apart from other productions but it also reminds the audience of the novel’s dual narrative structure. 


Although one of the most notable and unique aspects of this production was the way it touched on modern issues concerning terrorism, scientific progress, relationships and technology. Hence the classic story of the Creator would appeal to audiences as a relevant and thrilling play. Kayley Tulk “ liked the difference emphasise placed on certain themes which were different to the book.”Equally as striking were the seamless transitions between each scene. Clever use of staging and lightening saw the characters enter a convulsing motion, combined with strobe lighting-the overall effect brought to life the electrifying aspect of the novel.


Credit must be given to the show’s talented cast, made up of members from the Rose Young Theatre Alumni, who between them have worked on over 30 productions. The incredible talent showcased by the cast truly captivated throughout. The actors/actresses drive and passion were reflected in the strong personalities of their characters, sure to be deeply felt by the audience. In particular, Elizabeth (Daisy Tucker) gave a highly emotive performance that captured the innocence and warmth of character Elizabeth as portrayed in the novel. The Creature (Anna Pryce) also evoked a sympathetically-drawn performance.


Overall, The Creature was a sensational production and kept many at the edge of their seats. With thanks to the cast, director and production team, The Creature could be described as an unforgettable theatre experience!