French designer Marine Serre’s collection was displayed with impeccable timing on Wednesday the 26th of February as part of the world-famous Paris Fashion Week. 

Models wore their outfits with matching facemasks, which caused many to wonder if the timing of the showcase of the collection was intentional, with the spread of the deadly coronavirus causing hundreds of thousands of people to reach for masks to protect themselves from the disease. However, according to Serre, her collection was designed before the outbreak, and we know this isn’t the first time she has used facemasks in her designs.

Serre also used facemasks (or ‘anti-pollution masks’ as her fashion house describes them) in her fall/winter 2019 collection and collaborated with the French filtration brand R-PUR to create a limited edition piece for $575. 

As well as the masks, the collection shown on Wednesday also featured knit pieces that fit over and fully covered the models' faces and heads.

Not only were the models wearing facemasks, but many audience members were too. 

Other industries besides the fashion industry have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, including the entertainment industry. Performers from Stormzy to BTS to Green Day have all had to cancel or postpone shows due to the virus, and the health concerns that touring might bring.

Even Disney theme parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai have been closed since January, and it was recently announced that Disneyland Tokyo will also be closing for two weeks while Japan fights the spread of the virus.

Amy Francis, the Henrietta Barnett School