In 2020 women still face misogyny in politics, why is it that people have not from the times of Margret Thatcher to Theresa May ? Why do people always find something negative to comment about the empowering ways our women dress? 

During Margret Thatcher's reign, she made an attempt to dress in a more masculine manner. In 2017, we saw Theresa May blasted online for her rather pricey heels. May also wore suits during her time in the government. Mrs May is known to love fashion, many would argue she uses it politically. During a pre-snap election interview to US Vogue she said: ‘It’s important to be able to show, that a woman can do a job like this and still be interested in clothes’. So why do the press make such a big deal if a woman wears a suit or if she buys expensive clothes ? 

In 2019, we saw Lady Hale's speech in the Supreme Court; take a backseat to her outstanding spider broach. Which many regarded as partially empowering.  
And in 2020, we saw Labour MP Tracy Brabin called a ‘slapper’ for wearing an off the shoulder dress in parliament. Tracy commented on the fact that ‘There’s more going on in Parliament  as opposed to her dressing which indeed is the case. 

Some may regard the way these powerful women in our political system  dress as power dressing. From Lady Hales broach to Thatchers suits. What we need to understand is why they chose to dress in such a manner. If she dresses to feel good in what she wears, let her, if she dresses to feel powerful, allow her. The inappropriate comments made on Mays expensive heels but neither made on Boris choice of clothing strikes me. As a nation we should be applauding women who dress in various ways of expression,  not discourage them 

On a talk show about this 2020 incident, one woman argued that ‘if women want to be respected, we must be respectable’. An MP turns up to the HoC in apparent “misconduct” of clothing and is banished on social media by both men and women ? The world has got to do better !

In 2020, they’re still ignorant misogynists that expect women to dress and behave in a particular way.  As a 17 year old girl, watching the way women in our political system be treated with such misogyny, worries me for what lies ahead of my political journey. These events however, do not dishearten me, they encourage me to take a stand for those women, afraid to enter the world of politics; withholding themselves with the fear of being subjected to every tiny mistake they make. No one deserves to be scrutinised, as much as our women in parliament are. When will we see an end to this act of misogyny and hatred ? If not now, then when ?