An extra day in our calendar this year, is “leaping” us closer to our next season: Spring!  New life and new beginnings will replace the devasting winter’s storms, floods and shorter days which we all hope will now pass quickly. So why not clear your head, take a stroll around nature and enjoy the bright colour and longer day light.


Cannizaro Park, near the South-West edge of Wimbledon Common is nice and flat and good for families with babies and the elderly. It has a landscaped garden, small Avery and sculptures. You may choose to walk bare foot on the well-maintained grass, roll out your picnic blanket or if you’re convinced it’s too early in the year, sit in the glass restaurant which has a scenic view across the gardens.


Isabella Plantation is located in the middle of Richmond Park, you can get there by walking, by car or cycling (although cyclists are not permitted in the grounds). If you’re lucky enough, you may even spot some deer lurking in the grass outside! By visiting at least once in March, April and May you will see the amazing changes over the months and the variety and colours of the plants, flowers and wildlife. Right now, the daffodils and soon the tulips, hydrangeas, roses, and other flowers will be in bloom. The amazing scenery and large leafy trees will leave you feeling like you are elsewhere and the option of using the steppingstones or walking through the many paths leading you to a “special reflective pond” can make your trip feel like a real adventure.


‘Isabella Plantation exudes beauty though its array of colourful flowers and artistic landscaping with streams sneaking throughout. The chirping of the birds and beautiful scents always succeeds in uplifting one’s spirit,’ said Alka Patel, Maidenhead. 


So, take that “leap” and enjoy what Spring has to offer in South West London.

By Ambar Madhok