Conspiracies about Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a deadly disease that is spreading around the world. There is no cure, no vaccination to stop the virus and is likely to become a pandemic.


We have all heard about the virus and how it is spreading so quickly. People are worried that they may be infected with this virus and are taking many precautions to prevent the likelihood of them catching it. However, many conspiracies are circulating this new virus.


A well-known theory is that the virus was man-made and did not originate from bats, dogs, snakes etc. Scientists have made a virus with orders from the government to be used as a weapon. But for what? Some say that America had it made as well as Britain. There are a lot of gaps in this theory and has been shut down many times although it is possible it could have some truth in it.


Another theory is that the virus spreading has been predicted before. Author Dean Koontz wrote a book in 1981 called ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ which talked about the outbreak of a virus in 2020 called “Wuhan-400” which was where it was made. The outbreak of coronavirus started in Wuhan and it is 2020 that is very much of a coincidence. However, the information stated in the fiction book isn’t that similar to the information about the virus that we know now.


So there are many questions that people are left with. How big will the virus get? Was it man-made? Was this predicted about 40 years ago? No one knows what will happen next but we do know how to keep ourselves protected and how to reduce the risk of being infected.

By Femi Adesegun