You think you know everything about scientists, well have you heard it from them themselves?

On Friday, the 28th of February 2020 it was yet again time for the annual GCSE Science Live presentation at the Apollo Theatre Victoria in London. Schools from far and wide were present at the popular event. Year 10 and 11 students were given several speeches from scientists, examiners and all round clever people. With speeches about Nuclear Fusion, Time Manipulation, Embryology and Oceanology, it was clear that students were not going to get bored at this exciting event.

With professional advice from a qualified examiner, exams are sure to be a breeze(!) We wish. Command words, knowledge, application and recall is very important when it comes to exams and as our teachers say- what’s in the mark scheme should be in your answer! Well, that’s true according to examiners and exam boards too.

The scientists gave everyone something to think about. We all had something to say after every speech. Some of us were intrigued, some were curious and some were confused; however we all came away from the performances with a significant amount of scientific knowledge that we didn’t have a clue about before. Experiments were performed and we got to see how the pros perform them and therefore how we should too. With a short time for questions after each speech the scientists got to expand their ideas and to make sure we all have everything cleared up, which was definitely a bonus.

Overall this was a very thought-provoking experience which made all the students excited about science and will for sure help them when it comes to their GCSEs!