An apple has an irregular circular shape, this depends on the size of the apple as it varies. It has various colours such as red delicious, Jonathan, granny smith, pink lady, bonza, Braeburn, golden delicious, fuji, gala. Orange has a spherical shape and varies in size. An apple has smooth skin and has bright colours, it also has a stem on top of the apple. An orange skin is rough and not smooth. An orange comes dominantly in a single colour which is orange. Apples and oranges both grow on trees and they both have seeds inside the fruit. An apple has a thick layer and is hard. An orange can vary as some of the skins can be thick and soft and some can be hard and thin. Another difference is that apples and oranges come in many different colours, apples come in red green and yellow and orange comes in orange.When touching an apple skin its smooth and your hand can brush against it easily. However, with an orange the skin is rougher and its not smooth when you touch it. The apple skin is edible and can vary between the toughness, whereas an orange’s skin is inedible and biting into it is not a good idea. I prefer an apple as the skin is smoother than an orange, also because it’s easier to consume as it doesn’t need to be peeled whereas with an orange it needs to peeled and then consumed. Apples grow in cold winter environments. Oranges bloom in the early spring, this is from around march through April and take about 7 to 12 months to grow and it grows best in warm climates. Although oranges and apples can be eaten, apples have different types of apples that need to be cooked. The apple type granny smith is used in anything that is baked. However, with oranges you can use any it for any dish there is no specific type. Another difference is that the skin of an orange can be used to make drizzle which can be used in cakes.

Apples cost 1.8 dollars per kilogram and oranges are around 1.6 dollars, they are shipped from other places. Apples have a variety of tastes, one being sweet and one being sour. Oranges also have two dominant tastes which are sweet or sour. Green apples are sour and red tend to be sweet. I personally like apples better as they are easier to eat as you can just bite into it whereas, with an orange the skin has to peeled of before it can be eaten. However, oranges are an excellent source of vitamin c they cover 140% of your daily intake. On the other hand, apples are a great source of an anti-oxidant and help get rid of bacteria in your body. Apples also reduce the risk of cancer developing in your body. This is why I prefer apples to oranges as they have many benefits towards your health such as reducing risks of cancer.