COVID-19. The deadly virus outbreak that is isolating and destroying peoples lives. The rapid spreading outbreak has taken over 2,900 poeples lives and has affected over 85,000 pople worldwide. This extremely dangeorus virus has taken the spread risk factor up to "very high" as stated by WHO. However there are many ways to minimise the spread of this deadly virus to help prevent the number of cases locally as well as nationally.

One of the easiest ways to prevent the spread is by simply washing your hands properly; this should be before meals, after using the bathroom and whenever else you see it as necesssary. This step could be as simple as making sure you use soap  when physically washing your hands, or making sure you carry an antibacterial hand gel to use before eating as well as before touching your face.

Another way of preventing spread is by making sure you try and keep a good distance (3 feet) away from anyone who is coughiung or sneezing as this will help minimise any spread of germs. Also when coughing or sneezing use a tissue as this will help catch any germs and the tissues can then be put in the bin.

These are the easiest ways of preventing the spread which everone is able to do throughout the day. Something so simple such as sneezing into a tissue could prevent this deadly virus from spreading and may even help save a life.