School can be a very daunting place; bustling with kids, surrounded by piles of work and let's not forget the teenage angst involved. So here are some tips and tricks on how to handle the mess school is.

1. Be yourself. Secondary school is a time where you will feel a lot of pressure to fit in. Remember that it's okay to be different. Give yourself permission to be you not who people want you to be.

2. Be social. People can seem very intimidating but everyone contributes to you growing as a person. Try to break out of your friend group a little bit and add new people. This can also make you feel more supported by those around you and can help you cut out those who tear you down.

3. Avoid people who have nothing nice to say. People are quick to point out others' flaws but remember these insults only stem from their insecurities. It is better to distance yourself from them to avoid these situations.

4. Avoid Drama and gossip. It can be tempting to talk about other people. But it is best to ignore all rumors and gossip, it isn't healthy for anyone within the school. You have to be aware of how your actions and words affect others. Would you want it said about you?

5. Don't give in to peer pressure. At the time it may seem as if you're left out or not 'cool' if you don't participate but in retrospect, you will be doing better than them by staying true to yourself and your beliefs.

6. Get enough sleep. The average teenager should get at least 8 hours of sleep. This is essential for your mind and body, making sure you get enough sleep can make you more alert during the day and help you focus during classes.

7. Talk to a school mentor or counselor if you're dealing with anything. School can be really difficult sometimes so it's important to open up to people about how you feel. Know you're not alone through this, many teenagers suffer from, Anxiety, Depression, Low self-esteem and Eating disorders. 8. Make sure to stay organised. It can be difficult to study and focus if your revision notes are strewn all over the place. Have a different folder for each folder and stay with teachers to see how you can separate the different parts of the subject. E.g Literature and Language.

9. Do your homework. It might seem pointless at the time but it will help further your education in the long run. Make sure to leave a couple of hours each night to focus on doing the homework. Planning when you are going to do the homework can help it be a less stressful experience.

10. Revise all the time. Revision is key when it comes to success. It can help you remember the subject in the long run and is vital for your GCSEs. Revision can also help you find where you have any misconceptions in your work than you can consult a teacher on what to do.

Most importantly, it gets better. School only lasts for 12 years of your life which is minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Look forward to the future, it'll be other before you know it. So sit back and enjoy the roller-coaster that school is.