Around two weeks ago, plans were released to bring about the revival of sic, Kingsley academy's school magazine. 

Now some may by asking, what is sic? Well, the idea first began years ago when a couple of students decided to start a literature and art based showcase for students to read. This idea was passed down school generations and is still alive today. 

It provides inspiration and an educational way to pass to the time. Also, all submissions are made by students and teachers, and would be centered around a theme which often correlates with a specific event at the time. For example, a new school year brought about the theme of new life, and the settling of armistice day brought about a theme of sic100. They've also had themes inspired by the seasons due to its broadity and openess, for example winter, which saw a multitude of fantastical and magical entries.

Once a theme is settled on, the sic team can be seen setting up posters promoting the magazine around school, and a powerpoint presentation being made to inspire creative minds. Song lyrics, extracts, raps, poems, photographs, drawings and many more are accepted. 

Below is an example written by a year 10 student, Maryam Ahmed, titled Wanderlust.

The wind beckons

Whispering promises in my ear

It plays and pulls at my hands

Taking me far from here

It visits me in dreams

A sense of eternal adventure

And guides my living thoughts

Like a marionette on strings

Emerald forests furnished with exploration

Sapphire seas singing a siren’s song

The northern lights playing a piper’s tune

I cannot escape it

For it is wanderlust

And now I am gone

However, last year brought about a change in staff, with the whole English department being changed. And alongside some of the teachers who will be missed, resides Mr Haque and Ms Wafa, who ran sic. With their departure sic was forgotten and postponed however with a new head, Ms Russel and sixth form student Nicole, sic is getting back on track with a new edition set to release soon. 

This new edition will be an open one, with no limitations or theme, which hasn't been done before so we asked year 10 student Tasneem Ahamed on her opinion. "I think it's good that sic is reopening since it allows students from all over the school to submit whatever they want and encourages creativity, so I'm going to try submit something too." 

The magazine costs 30p each, making it affordable and easy to access, and the sic team can be seen selling them in the Kingsley Kitchen. However, whether you are a Kingsley student or not, why not consider buying a local magazine and seeing what it has to offer? You never know what you may find and the entertainment it offers.