With the coronavirus scare, many schools have either closed already or are thinking about closing. While this may be a good thing for health and safety reasons (such as protection for the virus as well as stopping it spread further), it may cause major distress for GCSE and A Level students alike. They would miss up to two months of education, and would possibly miss year eleven and thirteen exams all together. Shutting schools could also have an impact on future years. If we shut schools now and open them in late July/August, the next school year will be pushed back, having a butterfly effect on the years after that.

However, it’s not all bad, as mentioned previously shutting down schools could help decrease the spread of the virus. Most, if not all, students would happily welcome the lack of school and it would also give them more time to socialise and go out, basic teenage things. It would also give families more time to spend together and even go on holidays (which are always cheaper during term time). Closing down the schools would also give students much needed relaxation. Away from the stress of forgotten homework or the ever-present anxiety caused by exams. It could serve as a time to just sit back and relax.

Nevertheless, there are still people who think shutting school the schools “is an overreaction”, as said by a GCSE student. Many people would agree, not sending kids to school means more valuable money used on childcare. Parents would have to take time off work to care for the younger children and no doubt watch over siblings before the heated arguments start.

People can speculate and predict what’s going to happen but all in all no one will know whether schools shut or stay open before the action is carried out.

Lia Harakis