Valentines is a time-honoured holiday, with origins from the Roman festival of Lupercalia, a festival where after a sacrifice had been made a man and a woman were partnered together for the celebrations, often resulting in marriage or falling in love. In the 5th century, it was renamed St. Valentines day. From the 14th century onwards, it has been celebrated as a day of romance. But has this idea been corrupted by greedy companies who wish to commercialize the holiday in exchange for profit?

When we think of valentine’s day, many of us think of bouquets of roses, heartfelt cards, chocolates, expensive rings and jewellery, but hardly any of us think of just spending a relaxed day with our loved one. This idea of spending large sums of money on a person in order to show them you love them is in many ways quite antiquated. Now, I am not saying don’t go ahead and spoil your loved one but what I am saying is that the holiday has become so commercialised, that it is engrained into us, that valentines’ gifts are a major aspect of the day.

The consumerist mindset of the day is only fuelled by the extravagant shop displays the supermarkets put up. The luxury wine and chocolates and the romantic cards influence us and make us subconsciously think that they are pertinent and must be purchased in exchange for our loved ones’ affection.

Valentines day is a great day, where people can express their love to others, and it is a day where many happy relationships start. However, I do think it needs to be brought back to its roots, a simpler celebration with only two people enjoying each other’s company- rather than the expensive and unnecessary events and gifts people give. The day has turned into more of an obsession over the presents you receive instead of the love you exchange.