The undesirable feeling of panic you get the day before your GCSE results day after taking the well-earned 2-month vacation of relaxation and a stress-free summer, having to pull yourself out of bed to come back into school to find out whether you made it or broke it. Whatever your results may be some of you, knew that you tired your best others know that you could have worked a bit harder, but you may also get that feeling of relief because it’s all over. However, there are many amongst you that are planning to go further in education whether it be to a college, taking a gap year or even going into sixth form but you need tips because there are a few things you going to need to be prepared for before starting that new step in your life. 

            Firstly, prepare yourself for the enormous jump you will experience. Yes, you may think that because you’re only doing three subjects in A level that it won’t be as overwhelming as doing the ten or eleven subjects you studied for GCSEs however this is not the case. The content for one subject alone in a level is equivalent to 6 GCSEs, so be ready for this by reviewing topics that you have learnt every week or every fortnight is a good start.

            Secondly, making sure that you stick to your deadlines. Remind yourself that the subjects you picked for a level is supposed to help you when picking a relevant course for university, so you should be able to recall all the content that you have learnt over the 2 years. You will definitely succeed if you are organised with your work, understand what is going on at the time and constantly review your work. 

            Thirdly, get involved in as many things as possible, as this will help you in the future when you’re applying for apprenticeships or universities. These extracurricular activities can allow you to take a break from your studies and do something that you enjoy whether it be helping people or contributing to your community and you will find that it will all be worth it in the end. 

            Lastly, make use of your free study periods, at first it may seem very cool and exciting to have some independence and space from being in a class however your study periods are supposed an effective way to make use of your independence and to stay on top of work. Being able to balance the time you use to spend with friends and dedicating time to your studies in order to maintain a high grade is very important.