Today the ‘Diversity’ concert has been held at Kingsley Academy; students acted, sung, danced and performed technical stage work throughout the evening, resulting in a wonderful show.

The event itself began at 18:00- other students and parents filled up the performance hall gradually. Rainbow cupcakes were offered as delicious treats while the wait began. Before the show, a short video was played, highlighting the teachers at Kingsley Academy expressing what diversity means to them.

The show started with a dramatic short play, ‘We are all flowers’ by the Kingsley Drama Club. Students visually portrayed their own individual stories, fully taking advantage of the visual medium in a spectacular performance. After the play, a variety of songs were sung to by talented students as well as the Kingsley Choir. Songs such as ‘Read all about it’, ‘Be like them’, ‘True colours’ and ‘Little me’ were sung to with amazing vocal strength and technique. The long evening ended with the staff of Kingsley Academy, including the headteacher, Mr Cahill, singing along to a karaoke version of ‘Fireworks’ by Katy Perry. The audience was encouraged to join in and the concert ended with thunderous applause.

The Diversity concert showcased that there is strength in being different- that we should take pride in who we are as individuals while still being part of a tight-knit community. No matter race, gender, sexuality or religion, we are all still human. As said during the concert, ‘Wouldn’t it be ever so boring if we were all the same?’.

Neharika Limbu