There are many forms of entertainment to pass time and enjoy as hobbies and one them is dance. Dance opens a door to endless possibilities starting from classical ballet to street dancing. All of them have a special meaning and importance to the person learning it.


Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical dance known for its extremely intricate steps and graceful movements. It originated in Southern India and is now popular in places all across the world ranging from America to Australia. A range of people from across the globe learn and watch Bharatanatyam as a form of entertainment and relaxation.


In order to start the dance, the dancers must wear the appropriate clothes. The style of these clothes have been passed on for generations and generations and normally include traditional Indian clothes which have pleats that flow with the movement of the dancer. The dancers also wear leg bells that create rhythmic sounds according to the movement of the dancer. A specific style of make-up and jewellery are worn to capture the attention of the audience.


Quite recently, a huge celebration of Bharatanatyam performances took place in Heston Community School to rejoice a traditional Indian festival. It consisted of many performances of the ancient dance and was a great way to spend the evening.


A participant in this program said, “I had an amazing time with my friends and family and I feel that all my hard work from rehearsals has paid off.”  


Another cultural event that showcases all these Indian classical dances is the annual Croydon Mela which takes place in the summer in July every year. This is a fantastic way to explore more about traditional cultures.


By Lavanya Manchikanti