Throughout the years of modern society, we have experienced high amounts of discrimination as a global community across different topics such as LGBT+ rights and equality of different people. This continues as we move forward in what is meant to be a welcoming generation of young people even for topics such as veganism. Unfortunately, it’s actually the older generation that is criticising these new ways of life and I want that to change and even though this article isn't going to automatically change their views, I hope to open the minds of at least on person.



On one Saturday afternoon, I was sat in a cafe with my Mum and she was talking to the waiter about being vegan. I then witnessed two elderly women roll their eyes and dismiss this, turning to each other and almost laughing. I was appalled by this even though that may have been an overreaction but I couldn't understand why people are still so judgemental about the food people choose to eat. These “anti-vegan” views have even made it to mainstream television when a guest on an ITV talk show stated, "You can't invite them out, you can't go anywhere with them, they're moaning at the waiter...there's a trend, vegans normally move on to gluten as well.” This just shows how veganism is dismissed so quickly and how heavily it’s frowned upon by people that know a very low amount about the topic. It made me realise how much people still need to learn; so let me tell you the facts.



Between 2014 and 2019 the number of began people in the UK quadrupled from 150,000 to 600,000 people (1.16% of the population), almost half of these changes happening in 2018. Also, 44% of young people are attempting to eat less dairy and eggs, showing that the change is in motion. This dramatic increase in the number of people following a vegan diet shows how much these people need to move with the times. It may not be as important as the rights of particular humans but people need to accept that this is a way of life.



But even though it has become a national issue, I feel like my local area still has to expand their acceptance. The number of times I have overheard people discussing their dislike towards these ideas is immense and the people of Hoo need to change how they view the vegan way of life. Ever since my Mum has moved towards this way of eating, I feel far more passionate about this topic because it has become more apparent that people don't accept it and therefore we need to make them change.



By Joe Clements