Recently, I have been part of the French exchange scheme at my school. My exchange student came to England to stay with me and my family for a week at the end of January. I am thoroughly looking forward to returning in early April.

It was great fun to have her stay here and she learnt lots about the English culture and new English words. I also learnt some French vocabulary and looking forward to learn more when I visit France in April. It was really fun and already my French speaking and writing has improved. I spoke more than I thought I would to her In French and have continued to text her in French. It was great fun and can improve your grades as well especially in speaking exams. My friend has done the French exchange once and the Spanish exchange once and she got higher in her speaking exams after being part of the exchange scheme. It is really good fun and good for your grades! More people should take part in these schemes and I think it could even become compulsory for older years ( A level languages).

For A level in particular speaking exams to have someone of similar age who speaks fluent in that language is a great bonus. It teaches them not only new vocabulary but pronunciation as well. Many marks for speaking are lost in pronunciation and accent when you speak. With a student who is similar in age you can make new friends but also improve your pronunciation and fluidity when speaking that language. These high grades are particularly important for those wanting to carry on with their language studies and study languages at univeristy and in further life. Therefore, it could be possible that it is made compulsory for older years A level because it is so important that they can speak fluently and write with technical vocabulary and a wide vocabulary in that language!

In addition, it is interesting to learn about the culture of different countries and visit famous monuments. All the families who participated were very welcoming and friendly. I can’t wait to go back to France and improve my French and explore the culture of France.