With the entirety of the UK in its track, the effects of storm Ciara can be felt across the country with Harrow being no exception. Predicted to have winds of over 90mph, and leaving the UK under yellow weather warnings, Storm Ciara could potentially become a category 1 hurricane of wind speeds 74-95mph.

Hurricanes are caused by differences in air pressure resulting in rotation of air around a calm central eye by the Coriolis effect. The cooling and condensing of the air causes cumulonimbus clouds to form and torrential rainfall. The intensity of hurricane Ciara can be largely put to changes in weather patterns in Eastern areas of North America pushing towards the UK by the Atlantic jet stream. This only emphasises how far-reaching the effects of changing weather patterns are globally.

As for the effects so far on Harrow, a tree collapsed earlier today on train tracks at Rayners Lane, disrupting transport via the Piccadilly and Metropolitan line. A crane has also snapped, partially collapsing in Stanmore, currently being investigated by engineers. Flights have been hugely disrupted with many being cancelled from Heathrow and other transport hubs in London.

Weather to be expected from the storm includes rain, potential flooding and extremely high wind speeds so please remain vigilant and in case of any environmental and/or street hazards in the local area please do call Harrow Council’s environmental and street hazards hotline at: 020 8863 5611.

By Tahmina Sayfi