Learning a new instrument or just learning an instrument gives us more pleasure than pain from having a sense of achievement to becoming an intellectual person.it has endless possibilities and I am gonna name you 5.


1.It helps improve your memory

Researchers have found that learning to play a musical instrument can enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. Playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power.


2.Playing music makes you more creative 

Practising and perfecting a piece of music does wonders for the creative side of your brain. No matter how much a composer annotates their composition, they cannot fully express how a piece of music should be played. So it is up to the player to put their own stamp on a piece, to inject some of their personality into the music


3.Social life 

Music is also proven to help tremendously in social situations, including work environments, friendships, and even more involved relationships. The training that the mind and body go through to develop musical comprehension is the same as the training required to develop speech and verbal skills, essential components in any relationship.



What’s more, playing music can have some fascinating psychological benefits. Regularly playing an instrument teaches you perseverance, discipline, and responsibility, important skills for accomplishing anything in life. Playing music also fills you with a sense of accomplishment; after all, you should feel good about mastering a song, difficult chord, or instrument!


5.It is just fun 

All the health and mental benefits of playing an instrument aside, you should learn to play because it’s something YOU enjoy doing! Find the instrument(s) you like the sound of and get creative! Being able to create music is always fun and exciting and you have so many things to try experimenting with at your fingertips. You will possess a skill that many people wish they had. And that is a real gift in itself.

I hope this encourages you to learn an instrument:)