The Academy Awards have a strong significance in the world of Hollywood. But do they really affect the real world? Greta Gerwig has a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for her film which is a take on the classic novel “Little Women” at the Oscars and she needs to win it, but she most likely will not.

Little Women is a cinematographic masterpiece. Although this may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, it is hard to find a single flaw. Every detail has been so well thought out down to sound or music in the background of each scene.

One of my favourite things about this movie is how childhood is portrayed through chaos and loud and fun music as well as bright lighting which contrasts to how adulthood is portrayed in this film in a much darker way, literally. This representation of the naïveity of children being compared to the harsh reality of life as adults having more problems to deal with is one of the elements that makes this film (despite being set in the 1800s) so realistic and relatable in the modern world.

The film is also based on the sequel to ‘Little Women’, ‘Good Wives’ which takes place 7 years after Little Women.

Jo, the main character is often shown reflecting on her past as the film regularly switches between the past and the present of the characters and how their lives have changed as part of growing up. The lighting and costumes are a key factor that distinguishes these two timelines. The costume designer deserves an award for how well thought out everything is...

Oscars. The word alone changes the way you think about a film. In fact, all posters and advertisements of films mention if the movie itself or any of the actors have been nominated for an Oscar. For example, Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut film was the critically acclaimed “Ladybird” and now, Saoirse Ronan (who stars in the leading role on both Ladybird and Little Women) is known as an Academy Award nominee.

Why do we think so highly of films that are nominated for an Academy Award? When you hear that a film is up for an Oscar, you immediately assume that it is a good film. But this is not always true. Nevertheless, Oscar winning films tend to be more successful.

I believe that Greta Gerwig should have been nominated for Best Director and the film for Best Picture. Now this completely contradicts my point of how insignificant the Oscar is over what a film is really worth. However, a film only gets good recognition or ‘hype’ from things such as the Oscars and this movie is criminally underrated. It is a film for anyone and everyone and I truly believe that everyone should watch it.

“Watching it felt like I was being sucked into a story for two hours, like I wasn’t in real-time.”
“The movie was flawless! I loved it!”
“The actors in this movie were exceptionally perfect for their roles”
These are just a few things people have said after watching the film.

The choreography for many dance and ball sequences or scenes with multiple people are extremely impressive, and the actors deliver every scene with powerful emotion. The chemistry between the actors is highly reflected in their characters and the power of sisterhood. Amy March is often perceived almost as a villain in the story to Jo. However, Florence Pugh (nominated for Best Supporting Actress) plays the role in a more innocent manner, which allowed a new perception of her character by the viewers. Saoirse Ronan is nominated for Best Actress on her second project with Gerwig and she definitely deserves it as she plays Jo with such raw emotion and connection to her goal throughout the story of writing a book.

In conclusion, Little Women is one of my favourite films of all time and it should be yours too. It is perfect from start to finish in the directing, acting and designing of set and costumes. It should be highly praised by everyone as it is truly shows history and how it can repeat itself. The story will always be relevant but this film adaptation could not have been made any better. So if you haven’t already, go watch “Little Women” in your nearest cinema!