As we bring in the new year and adjust to the freezing weather many teens are beginning to make preparations for the first summer of the decade.


As we all know going to a music festival of some kind is sort of a ritual for UK teens as we get to experience our first taste of independence, proper responsibility for ourselves and get to enjoy some music with everyone around you who have similar tastes as you.


Despite having to tread on muddy platforms and risking the opportunity of getting stuck in a moshpit teens, who are the majority of festival goers every year, manage to surpass all of these disadvantages as they are constantly mesmerised by the performances and celebrities performing.


Every year festivals like Wireless instantly get sold out within hours of the lineup being released. You can say that trying to get a ticket to the event is proabably the most hardest thing you may encounter prior to the festival. This may be because in previous years young adults have constantly been promoting their younger followers the festival without noticing due to all their tags and hashtags. The repeated exposure of the festival may be the reason why it is the most highly anticpated event of the year.


Kateleigh Tome