It’s no joke that we as a society love to nibble and devour on sugary delights and addictive snacks. But why could that be? Where have we all been born with these unhealthy obsessions and habits?


Give yourself some time to ponder, but I’ve got an easy conclusion for you. We’ve all been to some sorts of early education but the one particular school that stands out is secondary school. Now, if you were to visit your secondary school or a similar local faculty, you would notice that there is always a corner shop, convenience store or TUC shop within 20 metres of the building. This makes it so that it’s convenient and easy to access as young teenagers could easily and rapidly purchase all sorts of sugar and fat. They’re able to use all of their pocket money before and after school hours allowing them to munch through all their stock throughout the entire day. 


You can always notice students coming into class surviving with the energy only their fizzy drinks are providing. The stores are completely stocked with crisps and chocolates with no sight of healthy food. This not only abolishes a healthy day-plan as youth aren’t starting their days off properly but introduces them to a nasty habit that we are all guilty of: snacking. Parents think that their children are going off to have healthy food at their canteen but this is far from the truth.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only downfall of nearby convenience stores.  Students tend to loiter outside the stores and crowd inside them waiting for their mates. This does mean that the general public aren’t able to comfortably enter these shops. Even though this can be seen as excellent business on the shop owner’s part but this just shows how selfish and irresponsible some of these owners are. 


Despite the fact that huge business is being made, we cannot deny the fact that without these convenience stores (in close proximity to secondary schools) are resulting in the unhealthy habits by the younger generations. This also results in anti-social behaviours because many owners (especially in North East London) are suspected to sell tobacco and alcohol to young adults and teenagers due to their greed and ignorance. There is a clear abundance of corner shops around secondary schools which will continue to emit horrible addictions as long as these shopkeepers wake up and realise the impact their shops have done to the kids of their area.


-Rebut Kamal.