Social Media. Does it separate us, or does it unite us? Many people in society today focus on the negative effects of social media, causing the positive outcomes of social media to be ignored.


A large number of British voters believe that social media is an unproductive use of time which does not have a positive overall effect on people. This is not always the case as many people find that social media allows young people to cope with the pressure of everyday life and the strenuous effort of talking with those they may not feel as comfortable talking to. Due to social media, those lacking confidence may find it easier to communicate to others without the same feeling of pressure and judgement. This suggests social media does help to bring people together as it allows for more communication in a less demanding way.


Connections through social media over similar interests and ideas may lead to close communities of fans of the same show or people fighting for equality, which can bring more positivity into our world. Without social media, many people may feel alone or different if they are surrounded by people with strongly opposing beliefs or dissimilar interests. Through social media, you can find out that you have similar interests with your peers, which link you together and can build up a close friendship that potentially would not have been formed without the use of social media. Masses of support from people on social media has allowed us to raise money for those who have experienced natural disasters or for families who have lost loved ones due to unforgivable crimes, which highlights how essential social media can be for bringing people together in many different ways for many different reasons.


In addition to social media being able to bring people together for important causes and similar interests, it also allows family in different places and countries to communicate with each other and update them on how they are. It gives people the possibility to have close relationships if they are not able to see each other often. This further demonstrates how social media can bring people together and can create a positive overall effect on society. These positive impacts of social media can improve societies view on social media and help bring more people together instead of breaking us apart.


By Aurora Middleton