Everyone jumps up and down with joy at having a Tesco Express near them: no more missing lunch when you are late for work and no need to travel 10 minutes away just for milk and bread. But is it really all as good as it's portrayed?

The Tesco Express is located on Whittington Way in Pinner and has replaced an old, derelict Garage centre where vandalism had become a normality. On the larger side of a normal Express, it holds all the necessities and everyday items which we can no longer survive without in our day-to-day lives. As a main source of our ready meals, vegetables, toiletries as well as sweet treats; this Tesco Express may be the reason why we end up spending our days lying on the sofa watching TV rather than going grocery shopping or might be an opportunity to be more productive over the weekends. The elderly residents will also reap the benefits as they will be able to do their weekly shopping with further ease and less hassle

On the other hand, who is going to support the local newsagents knowing that they can walk another 30 seconds and get their items for half the price. As the Tesco thrives, newsagents and local shops will suffer and before you can blink an eye, they will be forced into administration.

The Tesco Express brings with it several advantages as well as downsides but only time will be able to tell what the future of the local community will look like as a result of this drastic change.

By Simran Kalsi, Nower Hill High School