2020. The decade we all thought would change our lives and maybe it will but for the worse. Fires in Australia, global warming and a plague has already occurred within a month of the new year so you could just imagine what will happen in the next few.  

 One of the major events that has already occurred this year is the spread of the coronavirus and despite the multiple jokes made about it on tiktok and other social medias platforms, it is still a major threat and will impact our lives immensely. Already, we have heard of two cases in the UK and so there may even be more in the near future, destroying all our thoughts of being a perfectly healthy country. 

Another event is the fact that Australia was on fire for almost the whole month. This obviously affected the lives of both the animals and residents in this country in an extremely negative way. And although they are recovering right now from this terrible disaster, there is nothing stopping them from experiencing this again in the next few years.

Everyone has ways of dealing with events like this occurring and clearly the youngest generation’s technique is through funny videos usually on tiktok. Now this may not sound like the best coping mechanism but it does have many advantages, one of them being how they inform people with what is happening in the world as very few people actually read the news. 

Overall, this month has been a rollercoaster of terror, danger and strange events but will this continue to happen? Will this decade continue its downward spiral or will it go back to normal or even improve for the better?