This past week on Saturday [25/01/20] and Wednesday [29/01/20] was and is the Middlesex Rugby Tryouts for Under 18 Girls and Under 15 Girls, these tryouts have gone on for a long time now and are very important for those who have decided to push themselves further than ever before. Middlesex Rugby is the official RFU constituent body for Middlesex. In Middlesex Rugby they believe rugby is for everyone; boys and girls, men and women. It is regardless of age, ability or religion, Middlesex is welcome to all.

Middlesex itself is a mutual society owned by their members and the management team are all volunteers elected every year by the whole of the membership. Middlesex Rugby also supports the development of youth rugby at grassroots and elite level, Middlesex also has some great benefits that help inspire the younger generations to aim high and achieve their sporting dreams.

Another thing Middlesex Rugby believes in is growing the game across the county, as they are much more than just another layer of bureaucracy and blazers. As well as running county representative rugby, they also facilitate the playing of grassroots rugby across the county, ensuring that the club itself also thrives and grows, this could mean giving a metaphorical or financial helping hand or it could mean showing players how to be disciplined from time to time, Middlesex believe that without the structure and governance they provide for the players then their would be no game at all.

Lastly, the county representative section - it is made up of 10 squads - it provides many opportunities for aspiring players of all ages from seniors to Under 15s Boys and Girls, Men and Women. All of them representing the county and possibly even going on to gain divisional honours.

And to anyone that does decide to push themself further and aim higher by going to the Middlesex Tryouts, try your best and good luck!