Everyone makes them, some stick to them (a lot of people don’t!) and they are usually about reforming one aspect of someone’s life. Have you ever wondered where this idea of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ came from? Well, up until now, I hadn’t either!

It is said that the Babylonians (around 4000 years ago) came up with the idea of making resolutions, and they would be promises to the gods to repay debts or return objects. This was on the basis that if they completed these tasks, they would receive praise from their gods the next year – and be punished if not. Even though our traditions definitely do not involve any sort of punishment, the same ideals are followed.

As I said previously, I hadn’t really made any resolutions in the past, but this year, I thought it was as important as any to make – and stick to – some resolutions. I’ve got my GCSEs later on this year, and I have decided to focus. Sounds easy right? Struggling to focus sounds quite an easy problem to fix, but I have found it difficult to concentrate on unenjoyable tasks in the past and I want, and need, to change. I believe that New Year’s resolutions could be a great tradition for all to follow, as it could allow great changes to happen, perhaps globally.

In essence, these checklists could benefit society, and maybe if they don’t reach that far, try them out for yourself. Hopefully you can realise that changing one thing – even if small – will have vastly positive results.

See Website https://www.history.co.uk/ for more info on the history of New Year's Resolutions Written by Alex Topliss