On the 19th January the Wanstead Golf Club held their regular Mind Body Spirit Fair run by Nadene Stevenson. With the abundance of opportunities and new practises available, this fair was not one to be missed.

Nadene Stevenson, from Life & Sole London, has run this event since November 2018, holding them every 2 months in various different locations, such as Wanstead, Loughton and Chelmsford, due to the popularity of it. She stated, ‘I began to run this fair in Wanstead as it appeared to be a beneficial area to sell products relating to the mind, body and spirit’. From the vast numbers of people of all ages present at the event and with the £2.50 admission amounting to over £400 being raised for Lola’s Homeless, it is clear that Nadene was correct.

The environment was incredibly welcoming and more than 30 stalls selling an array of varying products were available, overall creating a vibrant atmosphere. Pampering treatments, healings and even 1-2-1 psychic readings were at one’s disposal. In the bowling club free workshops for laughter yoga, meditation, personal transformation, nutrition and aura magic were accessible too, allowing a diverse range of interests to be satisfied. Vegan food was also available, and this was not only seen to be enjoyed by many but, also showed a conscious effort of inclusion, completely and effectively drawing in on a strong community feel.

Despite the venue being fairly small, this only impacted the ambience positively and permitted the attention to be placed on the calm nature that should be present when focusing on the mind, body and spirit. It further allowed a more intimate relationship between those running the stalls and the public, allowing them to cater to personal needs if necessary. A stall which grabbed my attention was one run by Emily Rose, an interior designer and colour consultant who works intuitively with the Colour Mirrors system to enable significant change in both personal and work-space wellbeing. In spite of her involvement in selling and participating in events elsewhere many times before, this was her first time in Wanstead and Emily commented, ‘the event has such a good buzz to it that I may possibly return!’ A noteworthy advantage of this event was that it enabled the public to open their eyes to products, experiences and even a way of life that they may not have explored otherwise. It was fantastic to see the awe and interest of the public, some of whom may return to the next fair in March. It is hoped that some familiar faces will be seen, and the same favourable outcome will be noticed.

Sarika Patel