With school and social media massive pressures in today’s society, young people are struggling more then ever with their mental health. Lots of teenagers struggle to keep on top of their emotions and easily crack under the pressures surrounding them due to this.

Many adults believe that social media is to blame for the problem but, whilst it is still a factor, the problem is not completely down to this. Many people in secondary school, who are studying for GCSES and A-levels, are experiencing an immense amount of pressure from teachers and parents to succeed which can cause them to slip into a terrible mindset. It is believed that academic anxiety is now a greater source of stress for young people than body image. 9 in 10 teachers have said that the new GCSEs have increased the amount of students who have stress and anxiety. Schools often tell students to remember to talk about their mental health and are offered support. This means that the problem of teenage mental health is increasing due to stress being applied by those who are trying to prevent it. 

Young people deal with their stresses by talking to friends who may have gone through the same thing or sometimes even through counselling. A shocking 1 in 10 young people suffer with their mental health according to a recent survey, which contrasts to 1 in 15 people before the new GCSEs. 

Overall, I would say that although adults try to help teenagers with their mental health, they will not be able to truly understand the extent of how difficult school is becoming for us. New curriculums have caused the difficulty to rise which in turn has been affecting the mental health of hundreds of young people across the country.