What is going on with prince Harry and Meghan? Many might think it is a dream life to be in a royal family and mostly it is. It is a luxurious lifestyle and exceeding amount of privileges. However there is downside, which many people do not think about. That is constant pressure, from people, family members and media. Also there is constant watch from paparazzi, which can get very triggering and sometimes reporters get out of control and invade their personal space. Now, after some conflicts in-between the royal family members and prince Harry and Meghan, the couple decided to move to Canada. There, they are planning to start a “new life” and try to get away from all the attention that they are getting in UK. There, they are trying to live a life of an ordinary person. But, it is almost impossible to get away from the royal family roots and the attention from paparazzi. It is something that you born with and its impossible to completely demolish it.