I used to love holidays. Being away from school. Sleeping in everyday. Not having to worry about anything really. Especially Christmas holidays when it would snow in our area. Going to primary school and chucking balls of snow at each other. Making snow angels. It's nice to reminisce. 
But now, I can confidently say it hasn't snowed to the point where you would mess up your shoes, for more than 2 years. 
This is due to the man made climate change, steadily warming our earth. This change is happening fast, as we can see the effects of it happening before our eyes. It's hat for me to fathom that it used to snow more, before I was born, than it used to when I was a little kid. Because I had never experienced it. So what will children born in 2010s know about snow? Will they even know it at all? Do they even care?

I believe that this should be a wake up call for humanity. As we are the ones putting carbon dioxide back in to the atmosphere, messing up our carbon cycle and in return, making the alearth warmer. We are the ones emitting fossil fuels into the air. But it seems like none is willing to sacrifice a few things to better the temperature of our earth.

i know snow is that that big of a deal, but doesn't it shock you how our weather has changed so much that ther will be people who don't know what snow is, because they beaver got that chance to see it. It never got to be a part of their childhood, like it did mine and others older than me. It's quite depressing, when thinking about it.This Is Local London: