Addiction, a word we commonly hear floating around in society. There are several types of addiction that you may be familiar with: smoking, drugs or even technology; but did you ever think that sugar could potentially be your worst enemy.

Sugar addiction is the emotional or psychological dependance on sugary foods and drinks and can happen to anyone regardless of their age or gender. What this tells us is that our minds are the most dependant on sugar rather than just our bodies, showing just how powerful our minds actually are and how this can then be used to solve several problems, even sugar addictions.

The sweet sensation of sugar can have bitter effects on your mood as well as even more devastating effects on your health such as weight gain, increased risk of heart disease as well as blood sugar problems. Not only can your tasty treat lead you one step further away from your healthy new years goals, but it can also leave you feeling fatigued and lethargic as well as less motivated to do even the simplest of tasks.

It only takes ten days to break a sugar addiction and it starts from even the smallest steps like swapping sugar with a natural sweetener (like maple syrup) or even indulging in healthier dark chocolate options rather than grabbing your daily dose of dairy milk. Ten days of perseverance and determination is all it takes to break a sugar addiction. Ten days until you are free.

By Simran Kalsi, Nower Hill High School