Plastic Free West Norwood 

A small group of local people,  in West Norwood, are trying to reduce the usage of plastic in their community, to help put an end to the climate crisis. 

With climate change rapidly increasing, and becoming a very prominent issue in the world today, many are looking for ways in which they can help make a change, whether it be on a small or large scale. 

Plastic Free West Norwood, founded by two local women in October 2018, was created in response to the appalling amount of plastic engulfing and devastating our oceans today. Millions of sea creatures are killed every year from the overwhelming amount of polluting, and non-biodegradable waste deposited through human activity.

Plastic Free West Norwood are trying to reduce this through raising awareness about the issue. They have had a stall in West Norwood Feast, a monthly street market, educating local people about the problem, and offering advice on ways they can become more eco-friendly. 

They also visited the majority of the shops on West Norwood high street, spreading awareness, engaging in conversations about the issue with owners, and once again providing advice in ways that small businesses and shops can minimise their plastic usage. 

One of the founders Madeleine Champagnie said, “The scale of plastic pollution is catastrophic, we must stop using single use plastic. We simply can’t stand back and do nothing, we have to change.”

In the future, Plastic Free West Norwood plans to hold a workshop day in April of the upcoming year and continue to raise awareness of the climate crisis. They are keen for  volunteers, and welcome anyone who wants to help make a change or are interested in the issue. 

You can contact them on Twitter @PlasticFreeWN and on Facebook.

Article by Leilani Champagnie