The holidays. December is that time where parents and students alike rejoice as December marks the opportunity of a well deserved holiday. With the merry festivities that Christmas brings, and the frantic rush that Boxing day entails, we find the rest of our days of peace and quiet pale in comparison. And so, for those who didn't go off on holiday, a pastime presented intself in the form of a funfair at the heart of Hounslow Highstreet- Kidz Kingdom.

With a payment of only £8 per person, children and adults alike could have unlimited access to the offered rides per session, or alternatively, one could purchase pay as you ride tokens. (On kid's rides only though.) With free entry, this fair effectively captivated the eyes of all it's beholders, and it's cheery atmosphere drew crowds. 

Leena Ahmed, a student, exclaimed "It looked really cool. Those lucky enough at night got to see it in all it's splendour, and I'm definitely going to visit it soon." And indeed, a sight it was, as the flashing lights were a beacon of joy in the dark, and jolly chimes of laughter could be overheard. Certaintly an experience to be had.

This astounding attraction was open from Saturday 21st of December to Sunday 5th of January, and was open from 11am to 6pm. It was open daily, the only exception being Christmas day itself.

As the first time this fair was held in the viscinity, the event was surely a success, with booming music and the sweet aroma of sugary goods. Posters advertsing the event were nearly everywhere- so the entertainment was accessible to all.

Due to it's favourable outcome, it is my hope that everyone else takes time of their day to explore something different- may it be a simple visit to a park or a funfair such as this, as we only live once, and it's healthy to balance work with fun.