The New Year holds many expectations, resolutions and ambitions; especially after all the festivities of Christmas. But the importance of this special time is often forgotten; its lost under the blanket of lingering excitement from Christmas. It causes us to set unrealistic goals and targets which are almost fantastical, yet we still cannot get the most out of the year, with most of us still pondering where 2019 disappeared to.

I interviewed two girls both aged 13 on what their resolutions for the New Year were: 

“This year, I hope to focus on my studies more and I aim to improve my concentration skills. I will try to drink more water and attempt to maintain a healthier and more balanced diet as I have become enlightened to its benefits. I’m also trying keep good relationships with my close and loved ones.” 

“This year I have decided to look at improving my grades and putting more effort into my work. I want to make sure I stay on top of my work and my general organisation and improve generally as a student.” 

These are likely similar to yours, but I believe we are all missing a very important resolution. 

We forget the value of the New Year, how important, special and even sacred it is. We forget the true honour it is to even make it into new year and how fortunate we are to do so. We forget that many don’t make it. We forget that wars and natural disasters have consumed other countries. We forget how we are surrounded by people who love us and have our best interests at heart. We forget that the New Year marks a time for us to amplify how grateful we are or should be. It can be difficult when we face challenges in our everyday lives.  I wanted to urge all those reading this now to be more grateful for the New Year. Whatever resolutions you have made, I implore you to add constant gratitude to it no matter what you may go through. 

Dinah Owiredu