It’s a new decade, a new year but will there be a new you?


Every year thousands of people in the UK make a new year’s resolution they want to pursue until the end of the month. However, a quarter of those people give up within the first week of January! Are you one of those people? If so, here are some ways you can keep track of your resolutions and make them count this year.



There are many reasons why people end up not pursuing their resolutions, the main reason being there a lack of motivation. This is key when wanting to pursue a resolution, especially if they are relating to exercising or dieting which are the most common resolutions among British people this year. One way you can keep motivated when doing your resolutions is doing it alongside someone else, whether it be a friend or family member. Studies have shown that people are more likely to complete tasks, especially those involving exercise, when doing it with someone. If there is no one you can do your resolution with, it is still good to share your resolution with close friends and families that you know will be able to support you through it.



When making a resolution, make sure it’s realistic and not too out of reach. Another reason why people don’t fully pursue their new year’s resolution is due to the fact that they either make it too broad or too big. For example, “I will exercise more this year” is a bit too broad as a resolution. To make it more realistic, you have to take into consideration yourself first. If you haven’t exercised that much during 2019, it may be a bit difficult to suddenly start a workout routine out of the blue, especially if you’re doing workout moves that maybe a bit too much of a stretch for your body. One other thing you would also have to consider is if you would really have the time to do a workout each day because honestly after a hard day, we all would just want to stay in bed and do nothing sometimes. This is why planning your resolution beforehand is important as you need to be able to come up with a schedule that enables your resolution to fit naturally into your daily life.



Hopefully, this has helped you keep trying with your new year’s resolution. If not, still aim to achieve to do something new this year to make your 2020 memorable. Remember change takes time and won’t happen in a day.



Written by

Francesca Bernardez

St Philomena’s Catholic High School For Girls