Kingsley Academy

Not a long time ago we had a opporturnity to find out that Kingsley Academy has been opened.

The secondary school placed on Cecil Road Hounslow has been working before, however it has not been officially opened and according to Ofsted the school needed improvement.

After an unfortunate passing away of the previous headteacher Mrs.Lesley Kirby the next Head teacher has been found not a long time ago.

Right now the current teacher of the Kingsley Academy is Mr.Elroy Cahill.

Many changes has been made in school and they allowed the school to be opened again. Many thanks to Mr.Cahill.

After the next vistit Ofsted rated the school as good.

The changes are actually pretty massive: The building inside has been changed Results of GCSE's has gone up Behaviour of the students is really good Many afterschool clubs has been made There is a lot of new teachers so there is not many substitute teachers needed.

Many work experience trips are being made now so students can make decisions about their future careers.

More subjects from which students can choose their GCSE's.

New headteachers of different departments and leaders of different years (from 7 to 11) The school has changed for good and is expected to change more in the future.

Overall the opening of the school has been succesfull and it is sure that the school will have many other succeses in the future.

Right now it looks like Kingsley Academy is doing well among the other schools in the area.

Emilia Pietryka