Why Is Rugby Fun And Helpful

Rugby is usually taken as a sport that only people with muscles can play, which is a very stereotypic thinking because many people that play rugby may not have big muscles and might have not play rugby or any sport before.

While playing rugby you get better everytime you play and you slowly make your way up in the sports.

Playing rugby in different clubs/teams might give you many opporturnities and it can always help you in different ways.

For example some students might find it easier because they are doing a GCSE PE and rugby can give them a higher grade or help them in their lessons and assingments.

Rugby helps you in training your body and preparing you for any kind of situation which requires you to run or any activities which include running and playing with a ball.

Rugby is also a very enjoyable sport and it helps you in building muscles in your body.

Rugby can also teach you a perfect catching skills and the way you use your muscles.

It is important to have a regular sessions because as it was mentioned before you get better with every session.

It is also very important not to doubt your skills and always try new things.

If you have a bad day or you can't do something don't give up because you still have a time to improve and even the best players make mistakes.

Exercising will make you happy as during the exercises we release a protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). After releasing the protein we feel happier and it is really encouraging when it comes to deciding to do some sports.

Emilia Pietryka