Knife Crime In Hounslow

As we all may know by now England has a really really high level of knife crime which makes it dangerous for people to visit.

But what about some areas of London?

Like Hounslow?

People think that most of the knife crime cases are located in Central London, but they really aren't.

This year there was more than four cases in Hounslow in which not a few but many people were involved.

The most serious case that occured in Hounslow was an attack at Hounslow High Street on 28th October where an innocent person died.

It is important to change the number of people who carry knifes around because some of them are just teenagers and they might end up in prison because of the mistake of carrying a knife around.

Some of the people say that they own a knife and take it with them everywhere because they feel safe having it near them in case someone would attack them.

So how can we change this situation and prevent knife crime?

More police on the streets.

Bigger government involvment.

Special programmes for people who carry knifes and struggle to go out without them.

Doing more bag checks in school.

Learning more about the seriousness of the knife crimes in schools.

It is really not that hard to organise this things but they can really change the way we all live and it can prevent murders so no more innocent people will have to die.

Emilia Pietryka