on the 21st of december a sink hole opened on willoughby lane swallowing half a tree and cutting off the residents access to the outside world. The hole now approximately 14 feat deep.


 Sink holes are caused by heavy weight on soft soil and the erosion of soluble bedrock. The largest sink hole in the world is the Qattara Depression in west cairo. The Qattara Depression is 80km wide and 120 km long! The sink hole on Willoughby lane may not be as large as the Qattara depression but it has caused some trouble for the Residence.


the hole has caused some inconvenience for the residents and their families this christmas because the affected part of the road has been cornered off meaning that on christmas day friends and family of the affected residents had some trouble reaching their loved ones. This didn’t dampen the christmas spirit for the residents because the golf course had a solution, residents and their families had to travel via golf cart.


the problem with the sink hole is still on going experts believe it may have been caused by an underground stream that was previously unknown. it’s estimated that repairs to the road will take at least another two weeks. so it looks like the residents will be traveling via golf cart for the foreseeable future!