Now is the time to focus on yourself, to realise you matter in society and to understand your mental wellbeing CONTRIBUTES to your overall health overall- therefore you should be protecting as much as you can.

Whether you have super serious exams or perhaps a dance recital soon, what matters is how you keep your mind at ease. Sure, these problems are stressful, but ask yourself if it's really worth risking your health. 

This is where mindfulness efficaciously plays the superior role. According to scientists and the NHS, mindfulness is 'reconnecting with our bodies and the sensations they experience'. Not only is it that, but it provides surplus of positivity once it becomes a daily routine in your life, allowing us to calm down and deflect negativity surrounding us. 

So the big question you're probably wondering by now is 'how is this achieved?' Well luckily, it's very simple, as long as you have the committment and desire for optimism into your life. Here are some steps: 

• Deflect the negative thoughts, this can be done by trying new hobbies, keeping new year's resolutions and removing toxicity in your life, even if it feels good as well as bad.

• Meditation! This isn't just an ancient method you should be skeptical of. The whole point of the mystical power if meditation working to an upmost extent is to calm your thoughts and believe of a world of peace and prosperity. Once this is supplemented into your daily life, anger, jealousy and other toxic thoughts will reduce over time. 

Hopefully these tips helped your understanding of mindfulness and exercising into your daily life. Remember the phrase 'Believe, Ask and Receive' whilst practicing mindfulness and see your stress and negativity vanish as your optimism becomes more concentrated from the power of mindfulness!

Bhavna Bhaskaran, GGSK COLLEGE