The celebration of life 

Every 25th of December we celebrate a manmade Holiday, to acknowledge the birth of humanity’s saviour, Jesus. Christmas is a A period of happiness, a period of joy, and a period of love.
Throughout this holiday, I’ve experienced the death of four relatives. Who emitted happiness, joy and love. It strikes me that so many people live past the 25th of December, yet they fail to make it past the 31st of December. 
It just goes to show how your life can end at any time and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about death when it approaches an Individual. 
We place so much emphasis on enjoying life, and living as if you don’t know what tomorrow may hold. Yet the emphasis needs to be placed on being appreciative of your life, and those who support you to eat everyday, shower everyday and sleep safely everyday. 
Knowing  that you have people in the world who care about you, should be your motivator to make the most of your life. I took these four deaths as a gentle reminder that when your time is up, it is up, being selfless in life and living in the moment often has consequences. There’s no issue with living your life to the fullest but you should always remember that your actions have consequences and will affect those you love dearly. 2020 is the beginning of a new decade so let’s change our habits and adopt better ones, let us all aim to be a better version of ourselves,  but continue to support those who love and protect us.