Everyone has heard of the rhyme: “Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived ” but what do we actually know about these queens? In this fairly new musical, the Queens of SIX take back control of their own stories live in concert. 

The theatre is set alight with music, excitement from the moment the Queens first step out to the moment the curtains close. A major aspect of this musical is its all-female cast and band, separating this particular musical from others. It highlights woman empowerment immensely, especially as it nears to an end.   

Everything in the play exudes excitement with the bright and gorgeous costumes, the extremely catchy songs and the amazing dance moves. Any person could tell how much effort is put into the performance from the execution of all of these points. However, even though a lot of excitement is built up throughout it, the musical still leads you on an emotional rollercoaster from laughing your head off to sobbing for the queens. 

The current cast for the queens include some actresses from the original cast as well as some who are new additions. But, despite this, it is extremely hard to distinguish the queens from the original cast and the new one as everyone performs naturally – as if they had been playing their parts forever.  

As well as this, at the end of the performance there is a mashup of all the songs which is not downloadable anywhere giving the public even more reasons to go see the musical themselves. 

Personally, I would highly recommend watching SIX and soon due to the fact that it will only be showing up until June 2020. Watching the performance live is much better than listening to a pre-recorded version and the story itself also allows a different perspective on the history we have all learned previously. 

Aishi Srivastava