As is tradition at Woodford, on the last day of term, the lower school were treated to the annual Christmas Panto, which is historically organised and directed by the Year 12s.  This year was no exception and we had the pleasure of seeing ‘Aladdin’.  As is also tradition, the panto was interspersed with humorous advertisements, produced by the students, including a very entertaining Friends cameo.


Mr Jenkins, our Deputy Headteacher set the scene by introducing us to the magical city of Agrabah and our story’s heroine, Jasmine whilst making hilarious references to the 679 school bus and giving advice when being confronted by Ilford County boys.  In timely panto fashion Mr Jenkins introduced Aladdin, an Ilford County boy, entertaining and skilfully portrayed by a Year 12 student.  This ‘road man’ portrayal proved to be panto gold from all the ear-splitting cheering and roaring (s)he received and as the advertisements rolled as confirmation that the Year 12s had done an amazing job in bringing this alternative Aladdin to the stage.  Praise to the teachers who took part and what remains particularly memberable are the Friends and Tik Tok cameos featuring members of staff ‘hitting the woah’.


Music, as in all pantos played a huge part in this production and ‘Prince Ali’ opened our production.  It was expertly choreographed and performed well by the entire cast.  Other musical highlights included ‘A Whole New World’ with the audience joining in.  But perhaps the most surprising element of the panto was the set design with the 679 bus, instead of a magic carpet, being used as the panto transport.


As the panto due to a close Aladdin’s Ilford County High School identity was exposed to Jasmine’s shock and surprise but in doing so prejudices are smashed.  Agrabah rejoices with a royal wedding finale.


Thanks should be given to the Year 12s for this outstanding show, everyone who had taken part shone and praise should be given to each performer and the superb attention to technical detail from the production team. Thank you for putting on an amazing show and for putting us in the right spirit to end the year.


Written by Lakavi Suthan, Woodford County High School