Bromley’s very own ‘PictureHouse’ has recently opened on Bromley high-street – here’s what I thought:

Previously a Cineworld, the building reopened early this year and has since been flourishing. The interior and exterior has been completely refurbished, swapping cheap, bog-standard, tattered design for classy, art-deco style lightboards and classic red plush seats. Upon immediate arrival it is clear the alterations have made the place almost unrecognisable. There is a brand new atmosphere that reeks of decadence and suave. My visit left me feeling extremely sophisticated and chic after an evening of film watching.

The cinema has a charming (though mightily overpriced, I might add) selection of treats and sweets for snacking on during the showing. These pricey-yet-delicious include ‘Gourmet Popcorn’ at an astonishing £4.40 a pouch. I certainly felt this was a cheeky move, especially for the amount of corn actually given. This being said, of course, it isn’t unlike any other cinema food in its pricing, and the tickets were for the showing were considerably a steal.

Each of the six screens are decked out with scarlet sofas and chairs. Halfway through the film I realised that the backs could be repositioned for the perfect lounging experience. However, the cushions I noticed were actually too short, leaving my legs hanging over awkwardly. This was compensated for by the mass amounts of leg room. Tall people, this cinema is for you!

I noticed the decoration and atmosphere in the cinema was reminiscent of Crystal Palace’s ‘The Everyman’. With tickets at a much cheaper price, the PictureHouse would make a suitable alternative, in my opinion, if you’re not looking to splurge. Generally I had a very positive experience at the cinema and would definitely recommend it to my readers.