This year is the start of a new decade and many people would call it a time of reflection, and it is. It’s a time to look back on all the great things that happened this decade, for example the rise of technology especially the likes of smartphones. Apple is now one of the biggest companies in the world who aren’t just making smartphones any more but things like watches, PCs and laptops, even TVs. The 2010s weren’t all great though from the gun violence in America to the rates of homelessness in the UK.


In 2017 the amount of people thought to be rough sleeping a night was 4,751 however this is just a section of time and the real number could be a lot higher. As the decade went on the numbers of rough sleepers increased. For every 10 people sleeping rough in 2010 there were 26 in 2018. 44% of the homeless have been diagnosed with mental health issues compared to just the 25% of the general population. 


You should make this year a good one, do something that makes you feel good and this could be helping the homeless and prosper who are less beneficial than us. Donating food to a homeless shelter or volunteering at one could help you feel good by doing something good. A new years resolution of helping someone can be achieved by one simple act of donating some food. It could even be to help at a local charity shop that supports the homeless. The simple act of smiling at someone when you see them wake up on the street or giving them a friendly nod could make someone’s day. So try and make this year (or decade) your own by doing something kind to help make someone’s life a little better.

By Lia Harakis