Bromley's professional dream: reality or hope?

It's exactly three months now since Bromley FC kicked off their season with a respectable 0-0 draw at Victory Park and three months on, they are showing no signs of slipping up. They have 14 wins under their belt from a mere twenty-nine games and have the least amount of losses in the whole of the Vanarama National League, illustrating their potential... but is Bromley gaining the venerated promotion plausibe, or are the fans of Bromley FC doomed to another season of non-league football?

Two days ago, Bromley started the decade with what was perhaps the game of the season: they held Dover Athletic to a 3-0 thumping at Hayes Lane and after what can only be described as a slow start to the game, dominated the second half and once again displayed qualities worthy for a professional side with specific commendations going towards Coulson and Cheek. As this season progresses it is becoming increasingly evident that the offensive capabilities of this side know no limits, this is displayed through every minute of possession where Bromley's forwards seem to exploit every possible gap in the opposition's defence.

However, the statistics from this season are suggesting that the only thing holding Bromley back from the promotion is their defence. The defending problems that Bromley have suffered this season reign true in these stats, which show Bromley have conceded a whopping average of 1.28 goals per match. This was further highlighted in their performance on New Year's Day, where Bromley were lucky to come away with a clean sheet after repeated unlucky misses from opposition striker, Inih Effiong saved the defenders from further scrutiny from the fans. However, this struggling and flawed defence seems to be patching up its weak spots and are gradually conceding fewer and fewer goals further suggesting that this could be Bromley's year. 

So, my prediction is that as this season progresses into the final half, Bromley, spurred on by their recent triumphs, ruthless strikers and reliable fanbase, can go on and achieve the previously unachievable: promotion.

By Sebastian Kamstrup.